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Work With Us

+ Are you interested in working with Red Crown Inc.?

Our business is expanding at a steady rate, so we have lots of exciting opportunities available for fun, outgoing, confident and charismatic people with an interest in entrepreneurship and leadership. If that sounds like you then get in touch with us today and you could become a part of our business development program.

The business development program will give you the opportunity to ‘earn while you learn’. You will experience sales roles, leadership positions and managerial roles whilst learning vital business skills such as finance, sales skills, leadership techniques, public speaking, hosting an interview, choosing a team, motivating a team and much more. We aim to develop your personal and business skills in order to help you towards a long-term successful career in the sales and marketing industry.

We are always looking for new additions to our expanding sales force and we believe that as long as you are hard-working, positive and enthusiastic you will really fit in with us and do well at Red Crown Inc. You do not need to be experienced in sales or marketing and our roles cater for entry-level candidates. So contact us today and fulfil your business dreams.